Elevating pharmacy benefits for employers, health plans and members.

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Help your members rise above complexity, increase engagement, and see a clear path to savings.

Unlike a PBM and more than a price look-up service, we provide clinically based, proactive and personalized prescription advice that delivers the best health and benefits experience at the lowest possible cost. We simplify pharmacy for everyone, every day.

What We Offer


The prescription drug universe is mind-blowingly complex. So are pharmacy benefits. People crave clarity.
We deliver it.


Prescription costs increasingly burden payors and members. Yet few people realize there are better options out there.
We provide them.


Who doesn't want immediate, measurable and continued savings on prescription drugs?
We guarantee it.

How We Do It

1. Automated Claims Feed

Individual prescription claims are imported in real time for fast, easy and timely analysis.

2. Patented Software

Algorithms quickly analyze all possible clinical therapies (and associated costs) to uncover savings opportunities.

3. Notifications

Individual users receive personalized alerts whenever therapeutically equivalent alternatives are found with better pricing.

Why We Do It

Laura's Savings Story

Laura was spending around $200 a month filling prescriptions for her son’s medical needs. One of the drugs was an eye drop for severe allergies, whose cost ate up more than half of that monthly allotment. The cost limited the days she would administer the eye drops. When she discovered Rx Savings Solutions, Laura immediately logged on, eager to see how she could save.

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