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JUN 2020

Conference Board Virtual Session:
SAP Sees ROI and Engagement ASAP

Session: 3-3:50 p.m. ET
Exhibit: 3:50-4:30 p.m. ET

Join a Total Rewards leader from SAP who will share why SAP decided to implement an enhanced pharmacy benefit solution, what keys to success drove them to a 1:1 ROI in under 12 months, and how it has impacted engagement across a diverse member population.

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Why Us, Why Now

This company was born out of helping one patient never again have to choose between prescriptions and food or rent. Many members and clients are facing similar tough choices right now.

We're equipped to help them better than anyone else. Not just during a pandemic. All the time.

An update on our COVID-19 response  

It Starts With Savings

Savings is our middle name, the passion behind our purpose. No other solution can find every savings opportunity within any plan design and formulary. Nothing else makes it so easy for members to capture savings for themselves, their families, and your plan.


See how savings happen  

Member, age 75
overactive bladder

Saved $212 per fill

Energy Employer

Saving $629 per fill

Member, age 31

Saved $156 per fill

Health Plan

Saving $1,579 per fill

Member, age 18

Saved $1,143 per fill

Retail Employer

Saving $1,143 per fill

It's All About Engagement

Members can save $25, $50, $100, maybe $1,000 or more per fill. Is there a more compelling reason to engage with your pharmacy benefit? We make sure members get the message.

1 in 3 engaged members make a behavior change

49% registered members on maintenance meds

3x industry average email click rate

It's Important to Stay Adherent

Up to $300 billion in healthcare costs could be avoided with better medication adherence. We focus on affordability, but also provide tools that help members never miss a dose.


Customized test or push notifications to remind members to take medications on schedule.

Report Card

Helps members track adherence stats in a given month, or over the duration of the medication.

Results and Recommendations

Gives members and providers a quick view of fill history, and available savings opportunities.

It's a Satisfying Experience

It's our goal to make sure members and clients are satisfied. We also delight them. And surprise them. That's what we call impact.


Explore Member Stories  

Dusti's Story

For years, all her medications were affordable. Suddenly, they were astronomical. See how she saved more than money.

Curt's Story

When Curt's out-of-pocket prescription cost jumped from $65 to $1,407 per fill, he knew where to turn.

"Given the size of our plan, I get a lot of solicitations. I'm skeptical of most products and find it hard to trust them. Personally, I like doing business with Rx Savings Solutionshonest, insightful, delivered what they promised, and are willing to listen and evolve. They get a two thumbs-up from me."

Fortune 500 Senior Director, Health & Wellness

Proof of Impact

Download client case studies that detail how we work as a partner and get results.


It Starts With a Connection

Stressful times can derail the best intentions. Why delay the impact you can make with Rx Savings Solutions? We're here when you need us. Now and in the future. Let's start today.